Hope, Alaska... this is my favorite place to ride to so far. I love going to Homer because Homer is a cool place if you hang out on the spit. The spit is kind of what The Keys is in Florida, but smaller. But the ride to Hope is awesome. It's a road off the highway, curvey and lots of green. This pic that you see is of a place in Hope, one of the best places I have ever stayed if I don't count my stay in Vancouver, Canada. Hope is a North ride from our home and Homer is South.

Bear Creek Lodge is owned by a wonderful couple, Kent and Melanie. Not only are they super people but they have the knack for the business that they are in.... as you will see. They use to manage a place in Cooper Landing before they got this place. Big loss for the place in Cooper Landing because I always heard good stuff before Kent and Melanie left. But was a good thing for Kent and Melanie, they so deserve this place. I guess I will have to call this page a dedication to them cause I can't say enough great things about them and the Bear Creek Lodge. I took this pic from our porch of the cabin that we stayed in this time.

This is the cabin that we stayed in. Well, the tree is trying to hide it, but is this place cool or what?!

This is from our porch also. Hubby asked me, "why the heck are you taking that pic?" Told him I had to take a pic of the creek to show everyone where I kept my beer cold *grin*. Nah, just wanted you to know what we got to listen to while going to sleep and waking up.

This is a fire pit that Kent and Melanie have set up back behind the cabins, for us customers to enjoy. They even have a stash of smore making goods sitting there! Kerry and I joined up with 2 other couples sitting around the fire the night before. Turns out that they are 2 couples that use to live in the same place but now don't and just happen to plan trips to Alaska at the same time. They were great company! And Hubby was on a roll with his humor and one of the gals was also. They kept us entertained.

Side view of fire pit.

The Cafe has a great deck and Kent and Melanie have coffee sitting there for you in the morning.

And that coffee comes in very handy after a night of fun, beer, and tequila...... hope Kerry felt better than I did.

The next few pics are just some I took of the grounds. It was so hard to get pics to explain the place, almost need a video because there is so much.

Gold miner carved out of wood.

Time to head out...

My favorite guy! If someone bought you a Harley wouldn't they be your favorite too? hehehe

Half way home...... geeeze, I was so tired. But when we got home, we took care of the poochies, watered the outside flowers and headed out for a ride to Homer. It was just too nice out.